Alistair W Baldwin Associates - International Garden Designer

November 15, 2021

Alistair W Baldwin (AWB) Associates, based in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, designs bespoke public and private landscapes.

Alistair W Baldwin Associates

AWB “works closely with like-minded architects, engineers, interior designers, craftsmen and women, ecologists, and many other specialists to deliver well-crafted places. Where a project allows, we create planting schemes that bring nature, delight and dramatic seasonality to the site, producing management plans and working with maintenance staff to ensure the longevity of our creations.”

Alistair W Baldwin Associates

Their projects feature masses of perennials that burst with colour and textures – a style that we at Ian Barker Gardens resonate with deeply. One of our favourite projects is The Rose Gardens at Wynyard Hall. The purple and pink-toned planting palette is something truly incredible!

Alistair W Baldwin Associates

To view more of their work, click here.

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