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Capture The Spirit Of Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is the use of natural aromatic plant essences primarily captured by the
process of steam distillation, a process that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. The
name 'Aromatherapy' is more modern and was coined by Rene Gattefosse in 1928.
These natural plant essences commonly known as 'essential oils' are highly
concentrated and are extracted from plants and trees known to exhibit
exceptional therapeutic properties. They are used for balancing
the emotions, as well as the body, mind and spirit
through inhalation, or massage.

Our new line of Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffusers have arrived. You can check them out on our Specials page right now. Click on the products link above to find the categories you love from The Garden Apothecary! Find fantastic quality bath & massage oils, natural perfumes, shower gels, mists, candles & diffusers, baby products, women's face creams and natural body moisturisers plus men's face and body creams, bodyscrubs, lotions for hands & feet as well as facial skincare treatments for all your health & beauty needs. Only nature can give you the scentual vibe that keeps you balanced.

Our goal at The Garden Apothecary is to supply you with only the best quality Aromatherapy skin care products that your money can buy. We are an online supplier of Essenza Pura products which are made in Australia and contain 100% pure essential oils, where each oil is sourced from the finest of a large number of suppliers worldwide.

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Beware that many 'industrial grade' essential oils are used in skin care products and sold on the internet to unsuspecting consumers. Though 'First Grade' quality essential oils command a price premium, they are far superior in purity, aroma and potency. All Essenza Pura's aromatherapy products are made from only 'First Grade' essential oils and the finest ingredients. With over 200 products to select from, all of our natural skin care products are vegetable based. Australian skincare that is impressive in both scope and quality.

Essential Oils Collection - Boxed & Unboxed
Essential ois are concentrated and should not be used neatly on the skin. Essenza Pura is a licensed therapeutic manufacturer where strict laboratory testing and analysis ensures that each oil meets not only therapeutic GMP Standards but Essenza's own high standard of quality. Essenza Pura accepts only the first grade 100% pure essential oils (those distilled from the first extraction) and its products are made in Australia to a standard which maintains quality and potency. Many users who purchase Essenza Pura recognise their true quality by comparing with those of other well known and respected brands. When you open the box enjoy breathing in nature's garden!

Central to the Essenza Pura range is a comprehensive line of a selection of 80 first grade therapeutic essential oils that make up the Boxed and Unboxed Collection. The unboxed range are recommended for use by Practitioners of Traditional Aromatherapy as well as for the Energetic Healers and Bodyworkers wanting to experience their full therapeutic healing potential. These particular oils are very sought after by discerning practitioners. Perfume makers will enjoy blending hard to find exceptional oils such as Peru Balsam, Nutmeg, Tonka Bean, Ylang Ylang Extra, Rose Maroc and Vanilla.

Essential Oil Blends Range
Rina Altobelli is renowned worldwide for her aromatherapy oil blends and specializes in devising and mixing her own unique formulations. She knowingly and lovingly blends to create a synergy of different oils which yields a new, unique and unified force. When the balance between elements is right, as only those with the proper experience and instincts can know, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. The new energy of these blends is powerful and healing, with excellent antibacterial properties.

These blends can be used in the bath or diffuser, added to a carrier for massage or simply worn as a unique and natural perfume. Please note that 'Celebration' is recommended for use only in a diffuser as it contains Clove and Cinnamon which can irritate sensitive skins.

Definitive Range of Luxury Massage Oils & Natural Perfumes
Rina Altobelli developed the Definitive Range to showcase the superlative oils in the Essenza Pura range. Discover Rina's true talents as a master aromatherapist and natural perfumer with these exquisite exotic creations. Natural fragrance perfume specially blended for their sensual and aphrodisiac enhancement or their emotionally evocative properties. There are 7 individually crafted aromatherapy perfumes including 'Adonis', 'Energy', 'Prosperity', 'Quintessence', 'Romantic', 'Surreal' & 'Venus'. Creations produced from the world's finest essential oils to produce a pure organic perfume with a truly natural scent.

Bath & Massage Oil Blends
These natural blends of essential oils in a cold pressed carrier base are perfect for use as bath, body or massage. Add 10ml to running water for a relaxing and restorative bath; apply liberally to a moistened body as a rich and nourishing body hydrator; or use in an invigorating or sensual aromatherapy massage. Larger sizes available for masseurs and other natural therapists.

Cold Pressed Carrier Massage Oils
Essenza Pura premium grade natural carrier oils make the perfect base for good aromatherapy face & body skin care and to create your own massage oil blends. They are cold pressed from vegetables, nuts or seeds and contain many nutrients to nourish the skin. A large range of sizes caters for the home user and the professional masseur. Larger sizes available for masseurs and other natural therapists.

Facial Skin Care
For your beauty and natural skin care needs, Essenza Pura harnesses the powerful restorative properties of natural plant extracts drawing on their antioxidant, rebalancing, protective, nourishing and regenerative abilities. This range includes a selection of Face Creams, Cleansing Facial Scrubs, Facial Toners, Facial Moisturisers and Clay Masks.

Skin Care Facial Treatment
For good face skin care treatment these facial serums have individual cold pressed carrier and specific essential oil blends used to massage the face during a salon facial or for home use. They have the most luxurious scent and feel fantastic on the skin. Because they are pure they can be massaged into the face and décolletage to improve circulation and facial tone bringing back freshness to the face.

Aromatherapy Baby Products
Essenza Pura baby skincare products are calming with the very best quality assured. The range includes an SLS Free Chamomile bath wash. Only pure essential oils are used for baby's natural skin care.

Body Skin Care
For the best natural skin care products, Essenza Pura's body care harnesses the powerful restorative properties of natural plant extracts drawing on their antioxidant, rebalancing, protective, nourishing and regenerative abilities. An extensive line of body care products enriched with beautifully blended aromas of essential oils to suit all skin types, including mature and sensitive skins.

Hands & Feet
The range includes Hand Wash including SLS free hand wash, Hand Creams, Hand & Foot Scrub, Cooling Foot Cream, Softening Foot Cream, Foot Spa Oil and Hand & Cuticle Oil. All these aromatherapy products harness the powerful restorative properties of natural plant extracts drawing on their antioxidant, rebalancing, protective, nourishing and regenerative abilities. Excellent addition to any beauty therapists, beauty secrets. Beautifully cared for hands and feet say a lot about a person's sense of self worth.

Bath & Shower Gels
Our Australian skin care online aromatherapy products range of Bath and Shower Gels are gentle foaming cleansing gels for the body, impregnated with beautiful blends of essential oils that lightly scent and refresh the skin. Ideal for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. Recommended for use in the bath, shower or spa. Relax and unwind with refreshing shower gels to enhance your senses!

Mists & Room Sprays
Sophisticated mists to enjoy as a aromatherapy air refreshener, party-prep or just to cool down and smell good! These beautiful mists provide an invigorating tonic effect on the skin when applied after cleansing the body or face, revitalising and enhancing the skins' texture not to mention delightfully lifting your mood.

Apothecary Products
Aromatherapy all natural skin care creams & lotions. The relaxing & uplifting Temple Soothers are the perfect pick-me-up for travel, for him or for her! Keep these handy for use when work or situations become tense and headaches ensue. Gently rub into temples and back of neck. Also Muscular Pain Cream and lotions for Focus, Antiseptic & Sleep Time.

Diffusers & Candles
We have electric diffusers. The contemporary diffuser is no longer obtainable. Candles are available in rolls of 10. They are 9 hour smokeless and dripless making you appreciate the difference quality makes.

Diffusers & Candles
Aromatherapy diffuser/burner with a contemporary style designed for office or home. Removable bowl for cleaning and filling. Candles are 9 hour smokeless and dripless making you appreciate the difference quality makes.

Best Sellers
The Garden Apothecary's 'Best Sellers' are a collection of our most popular products and are found in premier 'Bed & Breakfast's and 'Getaway Resorts" in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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